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LoomTV 1.0 - now on AIR!

LoomTV 1.0, the successor of the prototype version 0.95, is available on Now, users can find videos from Youtube, Googlevideo, Dailymotion and others and watch the results continuously. Users can create their own channels and show them on their personal member site. News, online radio and games complement the free service. Besides the possibility, to download LoomTV as an Adobe Air version, the entire functionality is also available for many online browsers.

Access to several million online videos on the web

„Our aim is to make searching, playing and sharing online-media as pleasant and easy as possible. Therefore we think in different ways so that users get entertainment the way they want - simple and fast. ”
Nadim Saoudi & Veith Semrau - CEOs

The central idea of LoomTV is to search and collect videos from the vast and widespread choice with one query. Thereby LoomTV aims to make watching videos as comfortable as possible for the user. In this regard the novel page structure is worth mentioning since it makes page reloads unnecessary when a function is being requested. All features can be controlled from specific boxes which become visible on demand and fade out for a better video experience. Technical features like the video auto-skip or the seamless zoom and, particularly, the clear design contribute to a more TV-like feeling.

Create your personal program and share it with others

The new LoomTV community features, like the multiple picture upload and the personal member site, give users the possibility to better present their channels and themselves. Users can add friends, write comments and messages and upload photos for slideshows like in other web-communities. In addition, users can post channels in chat, embed them in messages and share them with friends. The Loombox search also delivers results for news, online-radio and online games which can be accessed at the same time. The desktop application uses the new „AIR” framework from Adobe Systems. Both versions offer search functionality for anybody and are available in six languages already. Free registration is required in order to access all LoomTV features.

The internet startup was founded by Nadim Saoudi and Veith Semrau in 2007. The first LoomTV release was put out as a flash based desktop application for download in October 2007. After the positive reception by users from many countries worldwide the founders were able to enlarge the company in May 2008 and continue to develop LoomTV with their team.