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How can I get a user account?
You can easily sign up for free by clicking on the big red sign-up field or directly click on the green sign up button in the Login Box. That opens the Sign-Up Box, where you can enter your personal data (the Login-Box also opens by clicking on the star, the green figures, the camera or the envelope in the menu bar on top). After having entered your data, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.
Why should I sign-up?
As a member of LoomTV you can use all features and you are able to fully participate in the LoomTV community, that is to present your profile, add friends, leave comments, show photos as a big slideshow, chat and - most important - create and promote your own channels as a LoomTV Director!

Therefore we highly recommend to sign up - it’s free of charge, easy and without obligation.
Where can I view my profile?
You can open your profile by clicking on the Directors icon (the green figures) in the menu bar on top.

How can I edit my profile?
You can edit your profile in the Settings Box, that you open by clicking on the cogwheels in the menu bar on top. You can also use the Directors Box (click on the green figures) by clicking on "profile settings" beneath your profile image. In the Settings Box you can change your personal data, your password, upload a profile image and decide with the privacy settings how other users shall be able to communicate with you. You can in addition represent yourself by creating photo albums with the Photo Editor (the photo icon) for big slideshows and upload photos to them.
How can I see the profiles of other LoomTV members?
Open the Directors Box by clicking on the green figures in the menu bar on top. In the Directors Box you can search for users or click on one of the user’s friends listed in every profile. You can also go to user profiles by clicking on the speech bubble to open the chat. There as well as in the Directors Box you see a list of all users being online and you can open their profiles by clicking on their user name. You can also get to a user’s profile by watching a channel. The director’s name appears in the bottom left corner in the grey title bar and is linked to his profile.
How can I upload photos?
You can upload photos in the Photo Editor that you open by clicking on the photo icon in the menu bar on top. You can also open the Editor from your profile out of the Directors Box, by clicking on "albums" and after that on an album. All your photos are organized in albums that you can see as big slideshows in LoomTV. So the first step is to choose an album or create a new one. When creating a new one, you have to name it and decide whether it shall be private or visible for everyone. Then you can click on "Photos" in order to browse your computer for image files. You can upload as many photos as you want at once by clicking on "upload". After that you can return to the album overview and start the slideshow or edit your album, by uploading more photos and editing or deleting them. You can also delete an entire album, change its title or a photo’s title.
How can I leave a comment on a user’s profile?
If you want to leave a note just click on the little pin under the user’s photo, write down your comment and click on the icon with the tooltip "Leave a comment".
How can I add friends to my friend list?
If you find a user you want to add to your friend list, just click on the plus-sign under his user photo. When you see a minus-sign that means the user is already your friend.
How do I add channels to my favorites?
You can add the channel you are watching to your favourites, by clicking on the heart in the title bar below.
How can I greet somebody?
You can greet a friend by clicking on the little bell in his profile under his photo to signal that you’re online and would like to talk to him in the chat or write messages. If your friend is online, he can hear the sound of the bell. In any case he will receive a message that you have great him.
Can I remove users from my friendlist?
Yes, you can remove users from your friend list by clicking on the minus-sign under their profile image. In your profile settings you can also decide if you would like to limit the users’ ways of communicating with you, e.g. forbid to greet you.
How can I write messages?
You can write messages to all LoomTV members with the Message Box. One possibility to open the box is by clicking on the little envelope under the user’s photo in his profile. Just enter your text and click on "send". You can also open the Message Box directly by clicking on the envelope in the menu bar on top. Now click on "new message", choose a friend you want to write to, or add more users if you want, type in your text and click on "send". The Message Box offers you the basic options of an email client. You can see your received and sent messages, delete or forward them and - that’s special about LoomTV – embed LoomTV Channels in your messages.
How can I chat with other LoomTV members?
You can open the Chat Box by clicking on the speech bubble in the menu bar on top. In order to chat just enter your message in the field below and click on "Send". If you like you can post the channel or video you are currently watching by clicking on the speech bubble in the Chat Box or in the bottom right corner in the title bar.

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