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How do I find LoomTV Channels?
There are several ways to find LoomTV Channels:

1.Watch the Top100 - the most viewed channels:
Click on the "Top100" button in the menu above to get an overview over the most viewed LoomTV Channels in different categories, sorted by hits or by votes. Just click on a channel that fits your interest to start it. The playlist of the channel will appear within the Loombox where you can select different videos.

2.Look at the directors profiles:
In every user profile you find a list of the user’s own channels and his favorite channels created by others. As usual you can start them by mouse click and see the channel’s playlist in the Loombox. If you want to switch to other profiles you can simply click on a user photo in the friend list below or in the list of users being online that you see on the righthand side. Or you can search profiles using the search options above.

3.Search by keywords: And of course you can also enter keywords in the search field of the Loombox and see if there already exist LoomTV channels matching your search.

How do I create my own LoomTV Channel?
Your first own channel named by your username will be automatically created when you login for the first time. You will find your channels in your profile and in the Channel Editor. You can start them by clicking on their image in your profile.

You can create new channels in the Channel Editor that you open by clicking on the star in the menu bar on top. Click on "Create channel" and enter a title, choose a category and add some search keys and a description if you like to. When you click on "Save" your new channel is created and will appear in your channel list.

Now be free to add as much videos as you want to your channel!
How many channels may I create?
Feel free to create as many channels as you want.
How can I show my LoomTV Channel on my website or in other communities?
To read the instruction on how to embed LoomTV Channels on your website
click here

How do I add my favorite videos to one of my channels?
In the Loombox you can search the web for videos. Just enter a keyword or use the extended search options and choose a language, a special video engine or a category. You see the list of your search results in the video part of the Loombox. If you find a video you like you can easily add it to one of your channels. Simply click on the red record button while the video is playing. In the Add Video Box that will now open you can enter a title, choose a channel and enter some search keys and a description if you like to. When you click on "Add video" it will be part of your channel.
How many videos am I allowed to add to my channel?
It's up to you - there's no limit.
How long will the videos be saved within my channels?
Usually, they are saved in your channels until you decide to remove them. It might happen though that a video disappears because somebody else removed it from the corresponding website.
How can I edit my channels?
You can edit you channels in the Channel Editor that you can open by clicking on the star in the menu bar on top.

Simply click on one of your channels to open its playlist. Now you can easily change the order of the videos by draging a video and dropping it at the desired position.

You can delete a video and you can edit its information, change its title, move it to another channel, and add a description or some tags. The changes become valid when you click on save.

Above you can edit the channel information. Choose a title, a category and add search tags and a description. In addition you can delete the channel if there are no videos in it left.
How can I play my own channel?
You can start your LoomTV Channels out of your Director profile that you open by clicking on the the green figures in the menu bar on top. Or you can enter a channel title in the search field of the Loombox, open the channel field and click on the disired channel.
I have added a video to the wrong channel - Can I move it to another channel?
Yes you can. Open the Channel Box by clicking on the star in the menu bar on top and click on the channel you have added the video to. Now click on the edit button in the according video row (the cogwheels). Now you can select another of your channels and by clicking on "Save" move the video to the other channel.
How can I remove a video from my LoomTV Channel?
You can delete videos in the Channel Editor that you open by mouseclick on the star in the menu bar on top. Click on the channel the video is part of to open its playlist. Now click on the cross button in the corresponding video row to remove it from your channel.

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