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What is LoomTV?
LoomTV is your new access to the online video world - the ultimate community for every kind of user-generated television!

Search videos by keywords within the most important video engines at once.
Create your own channels and add your favorite music videos, TV series, cartoons, documentaries or whatever you are interested in.
Share them with other users by presenting them in your profile, embedding them in your messages or post them in the chat.
See what other users are interested in and meet people with related interests.
Enjoy watching your favorite videos non-stop - without clicking from one video to another.
Search also music, online radio, webcasts, short news and online games and combine up to three services at a time.
Can I use LoomTV without having signed up?
Yes you can use the LoomTV browser and desktop Air version to search videos. But you neither can benefit from being part of the LoomTV community nor can you create channels. We highly recommend you to sign up - it is free of charge and you can enjoy LoomTV to the full!
Is it really free of charge to sign up?
Will the videos be saved on my hard disk after I have added them to my channel?
No. You don’t need any hard disk space to enjoy full video entertainment. LoomTV creates bookmarks to your favorite videos so that they are always available for you and the LoomTV Community and don’t waste any of your hard disk space.
Can I use several services of LoomTV at the same time?
Yes, you can. You are able to combine different services, e. g. you can watch a photo slideshow and listen to online radio or watch your favorite videos and get the latest news at the same time. When you listen to online radio a control panel opens down right in the titlebar, where you can stop or restart the music or adjust de volume.
How can I switch between different videos using my keyboard?
When you are watching a video in LoomTV you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to switch to the next or previous video. But this only works when the cursor arrow doesn’t point on any of the boxes so that all boxes automatically disappear.
Why does the Loombox or any other box of the LoomTV Player disappear after a while?
When the cursor doesn’t point on any of the LoomTV boxes, these will disappear for a better view of your favorite videos. If you want them to reappear just move the cursor.
Are there any further features?
In addition to the comfortable video research and the creation of own channels you can use LoomTV for the research of online radio, short news and online games. You are also able to combine different services, e. g. you can watch your favorite videos, listen to online radio and get the latest news at the same time.

Just open the Loombox and enter a keyword in the search field above or use the extended search options and select a language, a category or a special video engine.

The results of your research will be listed in all categories.

More questions?