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LoomTV presents the new embeddable channel!

Now you can share all channels on your own website, blog and in social communities. This enables you to comfortably show all the best videos from the major video hosts in one place. Videos are already available from YouTube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion, Blip and Metacafe. With the LoomTV Player you can find the best videos and channels and easily control the content of your embedded channels anywhere and anytime.


Embed code: BMX-World Embed code: Club sounds Embed code: Football goals Embed code: Skills Embed code: FreakTV Embed code: Linkin Park Embed code: Acoustic rain


The video navigation fades in on mouse-over giving you the controls plus some nice extras. With the record button you can add interesting videos from others to your own channel or follow the link for the embed code of this channel. The social buttons let you rate or favor the channel.

Select videos from your playlist

A click on the video title opens the channel playlist showing all videos of this channel. You can scroll through the channel list selecting the videos you like or lean back and watch the videos one after another. Unlike embedded single videos you can change the videos in your embedded channels directly using the LoomTV player interface. No changing of the html code necessary, even multiple embeds of the same channel can be updated simultaneously with ease.

Color Adjustment

The advanced color correction makes it possible for viewers to enhance the appearance of the video. You can change brightness, contrast or color for an even more pleasant viewing experience. One click on the sun icon shows the adjustment sliders, one click on the title closes them. For nostalgic or artistic reasons you also might make a video black and white or change the color saturation.

Link to Embed code

Each LoomTV user has his own Loom page available on linking to his profile with channels, photos and friends. You find the link to the embed code of each channel below the respective channel icon on the according Loom page. In order to embed the channel all you have to do is copy and paste the embed code to your destination page.

Channel Size Adjustment

A bonus feature of the LoomTV embeddable channel is that you can individually determine its size on the fly by using the arrow buttons. We do not recommend every possible size, but this way you can make it fit however you need it.

New Loom Pages

Now you have more space for your profile since the new Loom page comfortably extends the usability of the player to each individual profile site by providing direct access to more features. This way you can access your profile also from a mobile device to check messages or look at photos. New features include:

+ WebCam image upload
+ Embeddable channels (Loom pages only)
+ YouTube playlist import