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Need help in downloading LoomTV?
At first, click on the "Install" button above. If you haven't already installed the Adobe AIR plugin on your computer, the installer will do this automatically.
After that, a pop up window will appear. Here you should click on "Open" so that LoomTV will start after having finished the installation.
Please make sure that your firewall allows the installer to connect to the internet.
After having installed the Adobe AIR plugin, please click on "Install" again to start the download process.
Finally, the AIR installer will ask you to agree to the license ageement. Click on "I Agree" to complete the installation.
Now, LoomTV is installed on your computer and will start automatically.
Please note that some of the features of LoomTV are only available for registered members. So follow the Sign-up process and become a full LoomTV member for free!
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