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About LoomTV
LoomTV aims to provide better access to the world of online media

In the beginning there was the idea to develop a software, which searches several videohosts simultaneously and puts the videos which have been found in the center of attention. Users should be able to put together their favorite program in personal channels and while doing so help the community to filter out the best videos from the huge choice. In addition they should be able to consume other contents like online radio, games and news within the same application. LoomTV tries to meet these requirements with a discreet, user-friendly design and techniques which go beyond conventional websites.

The completely revised version LoomTV 1.0 offers numerous upgrades regarding media search, organisation and community. LoomTV is available for download as an Adobe AIR desktop application and runs also on many internet browsers

The internet startup was founded by Nadim Saoudi and Veith Semrau in 2007. The first LoomTV release was put out as a flash based desktop application for download in October 2007. After the positive reception by users from many countries worldwide the founders were able to enlarge the company in May 2008 and continue to develop LoomTV with their team.